Packaging materials made of cardboard, HKP, plastic, PE, foam, corrugated cardboard or cellulose, compartment packaging, compartments, packing compartments, made-to-measure compartments,

Packaging materials made of cardboard, HKP, plastic, PE, foam, corrugated cardboard or cellulose, compartment packaging, compartments, packing compartments, made-to-measure compartments, - MÖLLE GmbH

The packaging industry produces packaging from different materials and in different sizes. It produces or trades in packaging made of paper, glass, sheet metal and plastic and is subject to constantly changing requirements for the environment and the needs of the consumer.

Regardless of the trends in the packaging industry, there is a constant task for any packaging: the wrapping of an object to protect it. And if several objects need to be protected within one package, we would be happy to supplement your product portfolio with constructive packaging for the protection and transport of components.

Overview of our packaging solutions for safe transport protection
Grid bars / compartments / grid compartment inserts:
Disposable packaging
Export packaging
Fixation packaging
Solid cardboard compartments
Corrugated cardboard compartments
Open pockets
Container compartments
Attachment compartments for Euro pallets
Large compartments made of corrugated cardboard
Mesh inserts / mesh compartment inserts
Mesh inserts
Lattice compartments with handle removal
charge carrier
Workpiece carrier
Transport packaging
Device packaging
Constructive inner packaging
Cardboard inner packaging
Reusable packaging
Packing compartments
Intermediate layers
Protective packaging
Punching inserts
Intermediate layers
ESD plastic products
ESD packaging
VCI plastic
VCI packaging
Lattice box linings
Custom-made packaging
Custom made compartments
Grid compartments with textile cover
Folding boxes
Plastic boxes
Small load carriers with solid cardboard, HKP grid compartments
Series part packaging
Custom-made packaging
Custom made compartments
Compartments made in Germany

Depending on the needs and requirements, these protective packaging can be made of cellulose and gray cardboard, coated solid cardboard, corrugated cardboard, HKP (twin-wall sheets), plastic PE (polyethylene), PP (prolypropylene), foam and thus guarantee optimal protection for your products.

We have the right packaging for transport and storage protection for the following industries:
Automotive supplier
Frozen food
Food supplements
mechanical engineering
stainless steel
Non-ferrous metals
Pharmaceutical and chemical
Paints / varnishes
Series parts

what are compartments

Packing compartments




Customized packaging, what are compartments?

Compartments for trade and industry

Custom made compartments

Packaging compartments

Packaging series parts

Compartments made in Europe

Are you looking for packaging for your products? Packaging compartments, custom-made compartments, we look forward to hearing from you!

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    MÖLLE - The specialist for packaging solutions such 
    as compartments / grid bars / grid compartment inserts, dividers, cardboard boxes, 
    transport and storage packaging
    As an international company in the packaging industry, 
    Mölle GmbH enables the best possible solution, 
    tailored to your packaging requirements for your products. 
    Decisive for this are the technical competence and the company's internal 
    development of machines and processes, 
    as well as the pronounced quality and service awareness of our skilled employees. 
    Compartments made in Europe
    The company focus of Mölle GmbH is on the development and production 
    of inner packaging such as dividers, bars, grid inserts, 
    separators and special packaging for a wide variety of products 
    from all industries. The diversity of possibilities contributes to 
    the leading position in protective packaging for your products, 
    we are guaranteed to find the right solution for you.