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The right packaging for every product.

We are one of the leading suppliers for

partitions and separators

on the international market.

Instead of making standards we produce the exact fitting partition for
every customer, mostly without any tool costs. We have been dealing
with partitions since 1988. Not only do we produce the partition according
to your requirements, but we also assist you in developing and optimizing
your packaging. Thus you receive the ideal protection for your product.

We produce every quantity from a wide range of materials. By using our
own MÖLLE die-cutting and assembling machines we produce efficiently
and can therefore offer high quality at an excellent price. Thanks to the
first-class production process our partitions are also ideal for automatic

PackFach with MF-Locking

Being especially developed for the beverage industry, the MF-partitions
will increase the output of your bottling plant by up to 70 %! Due to their
undetachable assemblance, they are perfect for mechanical insertion.
This is the reason why the MF-Locking was granted the WorldStar and
the if-packaging award.

partition with MF-lock

Mölle Kartonagen GmbH ist Winner of packaging Award 2008 Deutscher Verpackungspreis WPO - World Packaging Organisation Top Rating Hoppenstedt 2013


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